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March 19 / St. Joseph's Table: CANCELLED!


It is with great regret that the Italian American Heritage Foundation (IAHF) has decided that out of concern of COVID-19 transmission, the IAHF will not be hosting our annual St. Joseph's Table and mass this year.


St. Joseph's Table is a celebration dating back to a severe drought in Sicily during the middle ages. Starving families prayed to St Joseph for deliverance promising a feast, and the rains came. Each year since, the practice of preparing the feast table has been a proud tradition carried on at the IAHF. But times and conditions change, and it was the opinion of our committee that a communal celebration might not be the best alternative this year. As president of the IAHF, I strongly support the decision of the committee to defer this year's feast out of concern for our members and the public at large. I strongly encourage each family to carry on this tradition within their households.

Please be mindful of those of lesser circumstances who may have relied on the donations and support the IAHF would normally have received from this event. If you want to provide a donation to support the causes that would normally have benefited from this event, please send a check to the IAHF noting it is for the benefit of St Joseph's Table, or let Stanley know if you call in to place a donation on your credit card (408) 293-7122. 


It was in a great time of need that our ancestors turned to St Joseph for help, and they found relief. Maybe it is time for us to reach out again with prayer. We continue to pray for the over 4,600 people in Italy who have contracted this disease and that the effect on our community will be minimized.