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Join us for one of our many fun events, bring a friend or make some new ones. Members and non-members are all welcome!


If you have an idea for an event or would like to become part of our event team contact send an email to events@iahfsj.org or call the office 408.293.7122 and let us know what's on your mind.

RSVP and Pay by Credit Card

Click on the green button for the events you'd like to attend, make sure to select the correct pricing for our multi-tier priced events. You will go directly to the RSVP/Payment page. You can edit the number of attending guests. Once you have completed your RSVP and payment, you will receive a confirmation and the information will be forwarded to the IAHF office.


RSVP and Pay by Check, Cash or Pay at Door Options

Email us at eventrsvp@iahfsj.org, call our office at 408-293-7122 or mail a check to

IAHF, 425 N. 4th St, San Jose, CA 95112. Be sure to note the event date on the check.


CENA FUORI events require a RSVP - call 408-293-7122 or email us at eventrsvp@iahfsj.org - NO PRE-PAYMENT, PAY AT RESTAURANT.


NO REFUNDS will be available for our events.

The seat is transferable, if you would like to transfer your purchase to another person, please email the new name to iahfsj@iahfsj.org. If you are unable to attend or transfer the event fee, it will be considered a donation to the IAHF and at your request a tax deductible receipt will be sent to you.

Please RSVP for all events 2 days prior to the event date at the latest (unless otherwise noted) by emailing eventrsvp@iahfsj.org or by calling 408-293-7122.

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IAHF Events

 * A word of explanation why it's important to call in your reservations and interest, is because so much of these activities have limited space, and , or are on line, we need to strictly monitor them for health and safey security issues and to plan accordingly in line with current Covid Prevention guidelines.


November 20 thru Jan. 6 2021/ Online Italian Holiday Market

Contact Nanci Wilborn to donate a gift basket / Kathy Winkleman for vendor interest

Call IAHF 408 293 7122


December 7 / Monday / Cooking with Lucia / 7-8:00 PM


Arancini - Discover how to make these delectable Sicilian treats right at home. Translated literally, Arancini means “little orange”; a name that fits perfectly for these treats that resemble tiny oranges. These crispy rice coated treats are perfect for any occasion, whether it be for an afternoon snack or a main course. 


There are endless variations when it comes to preparing these delicious morsels. You can fill them with peas, mozzarella, prosciutto, ham, ragu, or anything else that you desire. It doesn’t matter what you stuff them with, you will end up stuffing yourself with them in the end!

on Zoom


Click here at 7 pm, Dec.7

to join on Zoom

December 9 / Wednesday / Carolyn / Leonardo and Isabella Zoom Presentation  / 7-8:30 PM

Part two, Carolyn Cocciardi, From the Renaissance, Leonardo and Isabella  D' Este, set in one of the most creative settings of the Italian Renaissance, the court of Isabella D' Este Marchioness of Mantua,  described as a leader  'supreme among woman', patron of the arts, and steeped in the skills of governance during the renaissance.  


December 14 / Monday / Cooking with Marie  7-8:00 PM

A special holiday "Strassi" cookie (A traditional deep fried cookie

with honey and powdered sugar.

Zoom presentation. 7:00 - 8 pm

Click here to register.

December 16 / Wednesday / Italian Game / Felix Dalldorf / 7-8:00 PM

Felix Dalldorf will faciitate an online game of Tombola and other family games. Tombola is the traditional Italian game of chance loved by generations, especially during the holidays. LIVE EVENT

Click here to register.


December 17/ Thursday / Italian Presepi  / 7-8:00 PM

The Presepi tradition in Italy and at the IAHF, and the roll of the manger scene in Italy and many other Latin countries.  Ken Borelli, along with several members who helped make the IAHF's "presepo."

December 18 / Friday / Raffle Drawing / 6:00 PM

Italian Holiday  Market Raffle at 6 PM  live on zoom.


December 20 / Sunday / Marie Dalldorf  / 2:00 PM

A reading of  "Strega Nonna".

Children's program for the young and young at heart

Click here to register.


December 21 / Monday / Cooking with Lucia / 7-8:00 PM

Savoiardi also known as Lady Finger cookies.

on Zoom,

Call the IAHF to register.

408 293 7122

December 23 / Wednesday / Christmas Music / 7-8:00 PM

Christmas Music, a local Pianist playing selections

from the Nutcracker and more

on Zoom,

Click here to register.


December 28 / Monday / Cooking with Marie / 7-8:00 PM

New Year's meal: Lentils and Sausage

on Zoom,

Call the IAHF to register.

408 293 7122

Click here to register.


December 31 / Thursday / New Year's Eve Special and

Holiday Get-together

A special New Year's Eve Musical Broadcast TBA

Click here to register.


January 5 / Tuesday / Marie Dalldorf / 7-8:30 PM

An Epiphany Program and bilingual reading of the "La Befana" legend.

Plan a family get together around the visit of La Befana

Click here to register.

January 16 / Saturday / Genealogy through Parish Records / 4-5:00 PM

Accessing Italian Parish Records for Genealogy Zoom Program, sponsored by ItalianParishRecords.org 

January 19 / Tuesday / Cooking with Chef Umberto Pala

 Master class on classic "antipasti", with Chef Umberto Pala, of Vin Santo restaurant. Several years ago Chef Pala did two similar classes when he was the Chef at Il Fornaio in San Jose.  We will replicate the experience, sample the antipasti, accompanied by wines at his restaurant in Willow Glen.  $85.00 per person.  Limited seating, and and a great holiday gift for that chef in your life! Call the IAHF for reservations. 408 292-7122


Other Italian Events

Here is a list of Italian-related events happening outside of our local area

  • Join Gruppo di Conversazione in Italiano  /  Panera Bread, 501 E. Hamilton Ave., Campbell / Thursdays @ 7:00 PM / For information please tap here

Would you like to volunteer?


Please contact Ken Borelli at kjosephb@aol.com if you would like to volunteer to work on any of these events. We want to extend a special welcome and invite our many new members to join us as we work on these and several more exciting events celebrating our to Italian American Heritage.


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