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About the IAHF

The Italian American Heritage Foundation offers many services to our members and our supporters. We own and manage the Italian American Heritage Foundation Cultural Center that features a research library, a history of Italians in Santa Clara County photo exhibition, several other exhibitions involving Italian heritage, a social hall with a complete kitchen, and several offices.


We are governed by a Board of Directors, which meets at the Cultural Center on the second Tuesday of each month.


The Italian American Heritage Foundation is one of the largest and oldest Italian Cultural Centers on the West Coast.


We have a monthly newsletter, which is sent to members. It includes information on upcoming events, foreign and local articles on anything Italian, and historical information on Italian Americans in Santa Clara County.


Scholarships are awarded annually to high school and community college students. A major donation is given annually to Opera San Jose, Salvation Army, and other charitable organizations through our fundraising efforts.


Italian and American customs, folklore, various entertainment programs, and well established traditions have become part of the community through such events as the annual Italian Family Festa, language classes, cooking classes, opera, musical programs, art shows, and film festivals.


Through the many cultural activities we are able to promote Italian heritage in an extensive outreach program, bringing awareness to the community, as well as serving the needs of the Italian American people.


Areas of influence extend throughout central California. Membership is open to everyone aged 18 years or older. What is required of our members is interest in Italian culture and promotion of the Italian image.

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Italian American Heritage Foundation

425 N. Fourth Street

San Jose, CA 95112


Phone: 408.293.7122

Fax: 408-293-7154



Office Hours:

Tuesday thru Friday: 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Closed Saturday thru Monday


IAHF Board of Directors


We'd love to hear from you. Just send us an email. You can also call the office at
408-293-7122, leave a message and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.


IAHF Officers

  • Felix Dalldorf - President / Chief Executive Officer of the Corporation

  • Frank De Turris - Chief Financial Officer / Treasurer

  • Nanci Arata Wilborn - 1st Vice President / IAHF Events (including Annual Italian Festa) / Cultural Activities / Grants

  • Azie Habib - 2nd Vice President / Building Administration and Maintenance / 
    Hall Rentals

  • Jan Prinzivalli - 3rd Vice President / Newsletter / Website

  • Dana Zuccarello - 4th Vice President / Human Resources / Volunteer Development / Library and Archives / Succession Planning / Bar

  • Tony Zerbo - parliamentarian

  • Marie Rose Dalldorf - Corporate Secretary / Scholarship Chair

  • David Perzinski - Membership Chair


IAHF Directors at Large

  • Marie Bertola / Board Member

  • Lucia Clementi / Board Member

  • Frank Locicero / Board Member

  • Seth Michelson / Board Member

  • Susan Monahan / Board Member

  • Nancy Morreale / Board Member

  • Jan Prinzivalli / Board Member

  • Steven Ricossa / Board Member

  • Carlo Severo / Board Member

  • Richard Stewart / Board Member

  • Nanci Arata Wilborn / Board Member

  • Anthony Zerbo / Board Member


IAHF Advisory Board

  • Aaron Nicholson / Director of Marketing and Development,
    Opera San Jose, Opera Liaison

  • Cathy De Maria / Community Leader, Program Organizer

  • Doctor John Scandizzo / Retired Physician, IAHF Genealogy Program Leader

  • Emily Ray / Music Director, Mission Chamber Orchestra, Classical Music Liaison

  • Father Anthony Mancuso / Former President St. Francis High School,
    Professor Santa Clara University

  • Frank and Marilyn Dorsa / Owners of La Rusticana D’Orsa, Community Leaders

  • Hon. Salvatore Caruso / Consul of Italy, and President of
    Salvatore Caruso Design Corporation

  • Lance Shoemaker / Co-President Hensley Historic District Homeowners Association, Neighborhood Liaison

  • Nancy De Vincenze Melander / Former IAHF President, Daughter of IAHF Founder, Little Italy Liaison

  • Pierluigi Oliverio / Former San Jose City Council Member, Community Leader

  • Professor Michele Santamaria, Ph.D / Italian Language Chairperson, San Jose State University

  • Rod Diridon / Former County Supervisor and Public Transportation Leader

  • Vera Girolami / National President of the Sons and Daughters of Italy


Interested in being an IAHF Board Member?

Submit the Application with the Qualification Requirements here.

IAHF Board of Directors Application Form

If you would rather have an application mailed to you, please call the office at 408 293-7122


On June 29, 1976 the nonprofit organization became know as the Italian American Heritage Foundation. Its first officers were:

  • Don Lima, President

  • S.M. Sanfillippo, Vice President

  • Mary Lima, Secretary

  • Sal Flavetta, Treasurer


Founders who signed the Articles of Incorporation were;

Domenic Cirincione, Victor Corsiglia, John De Vincenzi, Joseph Di Salvo, Charles Falcone, Sal Flavetta, Joseph Guerra, Jr., Michael Guerra, Carl Lepiane, Don Lima, Larry Marsalli, Rocci Pisano, Murphy Sabatino, S. M. Sanfillippo, and Louis Solari.

Ken's IAHF history Aug. 2020 news. pg 24

Contact Us


Italian American Heritage Foundation

425 N. Fourth Street

San Jose, CA 95112

Phone: 408-293-7122



If you have questions, requests or ideas, don't hesitate to contact us. We're always happy to hear from you!


Contact the IAHF

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Directions to the Italian American Heritage Foundation


Italian American Heritage Foundation

425 N. Fourth Street

San Jose, CA 95112


From 87 North

Take the Julian Street exit

Turn Right - go four blocks to 4th Street

Turn Left - cross over Julian St, then railroad tracks

Italian American Heritage Foundation will be on your left


From 87 South

Take the Julian Street exit

Turn Left - go under freeway, then go 4 blocks

Turn Left - cross over Julian St, then railroad tracks

Italian American Heritage Foundation will be on your left