The IAHF is working with the rest of the community to fight against COVID-19


The IAHF shares the concern regarding the world-wide outbreak of the Covid-19 virus. Rest assured that the situation is being closely monitored and the IAHF will be taking actions as recommended by the Santa Clara County Health Department as outlined on To this effect, we have already procured gloves and additional disinfectants for use at the hall, cancelled our movie premiere event, St. Joseph’s Table, and have now deferred the Crab Feed to an unknown date; and will post any further changes, cancellations or deferments on our website. Our primary concern is for the safety and well-being of our members and community.

This week marked a sad milestone for the progression of the disease. Over twenty-one thousand people have contracted the disease in Italy and the entire country has been placed in quarantine with travel restricted, hospitals overwhelmed, and quarantines throughout the country. In the USA, we are approaching three thousand cases, containment areas have also been established, Santa Clara County was one of the first diagnoses of community spread of the disease, and now three TSA agents have just tested positive at the San Jose airport as have multiple firefighters.

We must be mindful that the disease is among us and need to enhance our attention to hygiene and prevention. Additional information on the symptoms, risks, assessments, and treatments is enclosed for your reference.

Sometimes thoughts and prayers are simply not enough. While we cancelled St Joseph’s Table out of caution, the charities who would have benefited from this event will suffer. While we pray for those who are ill in Italy, our relatives and the entire economy of Italy will suffer. While we see those among us and our family become ill, we will worry and suffer. We must look to how we can overcome the added suffering and burdens from this terrible pandemic and find how we can help, how we can contribute, how we can overcome, to put this behind us, protect the ones we love, keep our faith, and spread hope for the future.


Felix Dalldorf, IAHF President