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The Twila Venuti Library at the IAHF is a private library open to the public and operated by the Italian American Heritage Foundation (IAHF) as a specialized library serving the need to educate, preserve and celebrate Italian American cultural heritage.  


Library resources are open to the public however many library activities are open to IAHF members only.  Resources include IAHF archived newsletters, a photograph collection in Santa Clara County, a growing collection of digital media, a new collection of bilingual books for children and young adults, an extensive collection of Italian only, English translated and English original language fiction and nonfiction collections, and reference books.  Reference books are not allowed outside of the library.


The Twila Venuti Library is open by appointment only.  


For information or questions, please contact us using either the form below, by email at 

librarian@iahfsj.org, or call our office at 408-293-7122

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Our books chronicle Italian immigration, language, history, art, and culture. The collection spans the early 1900s to present day, and include English, Italian, bilingual and a couple of Sicilian books. Some are rare self-published books by local authors, and many are out-of-print.


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Did your relatives work in the canneries? Were they caught up in the Italian Internment of WWII? Do you want to know more about genealogy research? Whatever your interest, explore our holdings at https://iahf-sj.librarika.com

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For information or questions, please contact us using either the form below, by email at librarian@iahfsj.org, or call

our office at 408-293-7122

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