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April 23, Tuesday / Italian Swordsman Fencing Demonstration / 6:30 PM / At the Hall
Free to all

This free exhibition will be presented by the Gladius Fencing Club of San Jose. Many of you may be familiar with the Club as they have been at the Festa in the "greens area" for several years. The event has two purposes: One, to share with you the art of fencing from the Accademia di Scherma of Napoli, and two, determine if there is interest in having an Italian fencing "Room"(Class) at the IAHF.


If the martial art of fencing interests you or you are just curious about the event, join us at the IAHF for this program. Call the IAHF at (408) 293-7122 so, we have a count.

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April 25, Thursday / Cena Fuori / 7:00 PM / Sam's BBQ / $45 pay at the door

Sign ups now available, click the Blue button to make a reservation 

Sam's BBQ Sampler Plate
Served with garlic bread and sides

Additional details and directions on the Events page

Have you always wanted to travel to Italy, but didn’t know where

to start? Well now it’s possible in a group trip! For those of you

who attended the Zoom call in January with Claudia, there were

many great questions for additional travel options, that video is available

click here for replay


To keep our first group trip to Italy streamlined, here are the dates

that Claudia has proposed at La Locanda: October 6-11, 2024,

or October 27-November 1, 2024.

There were some of you who wanted to continue afterwards your own, which is great! Those who wanted to continue travel on to other locations

in Italy or Sicily with Claudia assisting with customizing those

requests for you! La Locanda can accommodate 6 couples (12

people), with the possibility of 15 if there is a family attending with children.

The pricing is all inclusive. Click here to see the brochure.

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If you took any pictures at Festa and would like to share with us, please click this link to upload to our site.


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Please donate to help us keep Italian heritage alive.

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