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IAHF Newsletter Submission Guidelines

Submission Deadline:  20th of each month for inclusion in the next month's edition

Revision Deadline:  No later than the 25th of each month

Guidelines for the Newsletter must be followed before submitting entries

Information for the newsletter MUST be submitted by having all information together and not piecemeal. If you don't know the date or the start time then you'll have to wait until you know all the info before you submit it. Otherwise it cannot be posted.

For posting Events, please provide the following information:

•  Official name of event

•  Date of event
•  Time of event

•  Location of event

•  Cost of tickets

•  Short description of event


•  Original articles must be carefully proofread, spell checked and grammar checked before submission. The IAHF cannot assume responsibility for errors that appear in articles. Include author’s name and other pertinent credits and/or information.

•  Original articles should be submitted simply as text in paragraph form, single line spaced, with no formatting (no centering, no indents, etc.).  The newsletter staff will format the article as required.

•  Articles from the Internet, magazines or other sources must have author’s credits, photographer’s credits, website or publication name.

•  Articles must be submitted in either Word or PDF format, or as email text. PDF documents must have text that can be selected and copied. PDFs made from scanned hard copies will not work.


The IAHF media staff reserves the right to use images at their discretion. 


•  Image files should be sent as email attachments, not embedded in a text document or in an email message.


•  JPEG preferred; BMP, EPS, GIF, PDF and TIFF formats may be acceptable as well. 

•  Photos should be big, bright, and sharp, with no timestamps or watermarks. Low-quality photos or out-of-focus photos cannot be used.


•  Send full-size, unedited, high-pixel-count files. Make sure your email program doesn't downsize the files. Sizes of 500 KB and larger are preferred.

•  Each photo must have an individual name. Leaving the name of the photo as named by your camera is suggested.


•  Original photos should include the name of the photographer. If you are not the photographer, you must give credit or secure permission to use the photos with your article.



•  Please provide captions as either email text, as a Word document, or as a PDF document 




•  Please contact Stanley at

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